Mouth-Watering Recipes From Around the World

Food, for many people, is the fodder which feeds the fire for their love for travelling. Finding a dish unique to the locals is an adventure in itself. It is a story which is filled with culture, tradition which allows you a sneak peek into their perception. If you love travelling to different parts of the globe and want to celebrate your love for a food adventure. Here is some food that can inspire you to experience travelling in its best form.

Baba Ghanouj

This is a classic Lebanese appetiser which can allow you to bring some of the most delicious starts to your daily intake. Baba Ganouj is generally served cold and is made with eggplants and tahini. If you are travelling to the Middle East, expect Baba Ghanouj to be served with pita bread which allows you to enjoy the most authentic middle eastern dinner.

Pollo Guisado

Pico Duarte takes you a culinary journey, and one such example is Pollo Guisado. This is one of the most popular dishes in the Dominican Republic as it is regular in most family dinners. A simple recipe that hits the right notes with its flavour profile. This is one dish that is available in every small restaurant which can bring you back to the memories of your good old childhood days.

Soup Jaumou

Love Haitian food? Soup Jaumou is the best fit for your dinner table. This is one dish where you can see the true blend of Spanish, French and African cooking. This is one of the traditional meal which is served piping hot with a piece of bread to accompany. Soup Jaumou is not just a food but a symbol of freedom which is consumed in New Year’s Day in Haiti.

Water Chestnut Cake

Water Chestnut Cake, also known as Ma Tei Gow, is a popular snack which is not as sweet but the best food to consume when on the go. Water Chestnut Cake is a must-have in many Chinese restaurants in the New Year. It is a plain and simple snack which can be stored for weeks in the refrigerator. A difficult dessert to make as it requires precision to create the right blend allowing the best sweet and savoury experience.

Rhubarb Sorbet

A polish dessert which draws its inspiration from the seasonal vegetables and herbs, transforming them into this delicious sorbet. Rhubard is one of the most popular vegetables in Poland due to which it finds its way into a lot of different foods and drinks.  A simple yet refreshing dessert that can keep you feeling light after a heavy meal.

Kabuli Pulao

Afghani Cuisine is filled with a lot of colour, aroma, flavours and spices. It is a normal dish which is steamed rice with  lentils, lambs, carrots and raisins. The rice is covered with meat and consumed during dinners. This is one dish which takes time to prepare but provides for an enriching taste taking you back to the tradition of the place.