Food Safety

My passion is exotic meat and I hope you share this interest. It is a wide-ranging topic that entails anything from hunting your protein source to preparing a fine meal. Mostly, I cover cooking it in new ways. I am not going to be a source of recipes, but rather an inspiration for you to try new meats for yourself and your family. You might entertain friends and surprise them with elk, venison, bison, or buffalo. If it is edible and comes from an animal, it is fair game for my blog.

Sure, there are tons of ways to provide an exciting dining experience. You can broil, fry, grill, or sauté. Whatever floats your boat. Every culinary method has its particular appeal. As for me, my number one choice is on the barbecue, at night under a star-lit sky. The wonderful smell wafts through the air and entices the neighbors to check out what’s happening.  I can pretend I am a big game hunter out in the field in the wilds of Montana or Sudan. Yes, there are some side benefits, like reverie, that go with the territory. Nothing boring crosses my table. I don’t invite vegetarians over.

When you enjoy wild meats, you must handle them properly for food safety. This is my number one proviso. I use hot water to wash my hands and everything in the kitchen or related to the patio grill. My water heater gets a lot of use beyond baths and showers. In fact, I have one just for the kitchen. Someday I will replace both with an energy-saving tankless model from Water Heater Watch that will take care of the entire house. Food safety is important for everyone from amateur chefs to professional cooks. Keep it top of mind when preparing poultry or meat. Bacteria travels mighty fast.

No one gets sick under my watch. I haven’t even heard of food poisoning. If you are concerned, eat at home and take precautions. Get that hot water heater cranked up. Be vigilant about other ways to stay safe by refrigerating everything and avoiding meat past its prime. Freeze your protein immediately if you can’t cook that very night. Wrap it carefully without air holes to limit freezer burn. This mars the taste of even the best meat.

My parties and get-togethers are well known. People bring drinks and side dishes, and an occasional sweet treat. I can be relied upon for a stellar main dish for the meat eaters in the crowd. They are an adventurous sort, like me. If you want to try something new and different, come to my house and you may get “mystery meat.” Guests compete to guess what I am offering. Some can even recognize the difference between rabbit and wild boar. These are the real connoisseurs that I love to include on my guest list.