Comfort Foods

Here is nothing like eating a big plate of comfort foods. I am a meat and potatoes kind of guy and enjoy eating the foods that I grew up with. They give me a sense of home and can lift my spirits after a hard day. There are some tips to making comfort food that everyone will love and associate with home.


For me nothing beats a nice and juicy burger. This is the ultimate comfort food. It reminds me of summer days and firing up the grill in the backyard. There are a number of ways to make burgers. I often replace the beef with elk, deer, or other meats. When I do this I do grind up some bacon and add it to the meat. Since they are leaner cuts I do need to add a little fat. Instead of topping the burger with classic American cheese I like to play around. I found that Swiss and cheddar add a nice taste to the burgers. I also like to top them with caramelized onions. When I need the comfort of home I turn to these burgers.


Spaghetti and meatballs is also a classic dish for me. This was the first dish that my mother taught me how to make and it reminds me of home. I would like to learn how to make my own spaghetti from scratch but for right now I am using the dried kind in the box. To make my meatballs I use one part ground beef and one part other lean protein. Once again elk is one of my favorites. I also have tried Bison and have liked to the taste. To the meatballs of course I use salt and pepper. I liked to add Parmesan cheese and to really make them nice and moist I spoon in some ricotta cheese. Instead of cooking my meatballs on the stovetop or on the oven I like to choose them in the slow cooker. I put the tomato sauce on the bottom and then add my meatballs. I then add some more tomato sauce. I like to cook them low and slow. I turn the slow cooker on in the morning and by the time I am done with work they are ready to go. The meatballs are tender and break easily with a fork. I cook up the pasta and serve my meatballs on top. Using leaner meats I do not feel as bad eating this comfort food dish.


These are some of the foods that I consider to be my comfort foods. Even cooking with other proteins they still remind me of home and gatherings with the family. These dishes are not complicated and anyone can prepare them. You can make some variations and experiment with different flavors. For me these simple comfort foods pick me up after having a bad day and they are some things that I like to make for my friends and family.