Best and Kicked up Meat Loaf

Meat loaf is a comfort food for many people. While meat loaf may seem like a basic dish it is easy to mess it up. The meat loaf flavor is classic but I find it to be a little on the bland side. I think there are more exciting things to add to the meat than ketchup alone. There are some tips to mix up your meat loaf and add a little bit of spice to it.

For my meatloaf I like to use up ground elk or ground venison. While these meats are leaner and are tasty they need some extra flavor added to them. It is important to make the meatloaf taste good.

There is an easy way to add some spice to the meatloaf. I like to add a little extra pepper and red pepper flakes to the ground meat. Instead of putting catsup on the meatloaf I like to use the tangy barbeque sauce. I also add some garlic powder to this sauce for some extra kick. Hot pepper sauce can also be used if you like things really spicy.

For every two pounds of ground beef you should you one medium onion that has been diced up in addition to the one cup of breadcrumbs. You can also add a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce and two teaspoons of red pepper flakes right in with the meat. Do not forget to add the salt and black pepper as well. With this mixture you can make a simple glaze that goes on top of the meat loaf. To make a glaze in a saucepan you need to heat up a little tomato sauce, some white vinegar, a generous amount of hot sauces, and some cayenne pepper. When the meatloaf is almost done this mixture is poured on top of it and allowed to cook.

If you want a meatloaf that is really spic I have some suggestions. I like to use these ingredients in my meatloaf. I like to feel the burn when I am eating. I will dice up some jalapeno peppers and add them to the ground meat mixture. Serrano peppers can also be used to turn up the heat. I also like to add onion and garlic powder and even a little chili powder in addition to the basic salt and pepper. Everything gets a couple of dashes of hot sauce. This goes for the ground beef mixture as well as the glaze. You need to figure out the heat level that you like.

These are some ways that you can spice up your meatloaf. You can add flavor to lean cuts of meat. These meats are better for you but may not have as much flavor as ground beef or pork. If you want to stick with the beef these spices can be used as well. this will help give your meatloaf a nice kick. You can adjust the seasonings to meet your taste preferences.