A Different Kind of Shooting

Given the kind of meats I like to grill on the patio, you would think I was a big game hunter just back with my prey from a safari, or maybe home from the hills of Montana. My rifle placed back in its case. Somehow, I find elk, venison, bison, and the more mundane cuts of beef. I love the exciting flavor of well-prepared protein and how it makes me feel—alive and full of pep. I could run out and play a rousing game of basketball. Yes, that is my sport. I like it so much that I am thinking about getting a portable basketball hoop so I can practice shooting at home after reading about them on Ballers Guide. To me that is the ultimate luxury, more than an in-ground pool or sauna. Fortunately, you can buy pretty good portable setups for the game so you put it where you like—in the driveway or out back.

Basketball is the kind of sport that requires a huge amount of skill. Anyone who watches the pros knows this fact. And I don’t miss a game for my favorite team.  Plus, if you are not seven feet tall, scoring is anything but automatic. Even the big guys hit the rim and miss the shot. But they rebound. I don’t always. I need a lot more time to get beyond the amateur level. I don’t expect to play games with the guys in my yard, but I will be more ready when we do schedule some time on the public court.

While playing alone, I can’t do a pick and roll or backdoor move, I can dunk to my heart’s content. I got moves. Ha! Or I will soon once that hoop is in place. I should invite my neighbor over for a two-person game at least. It will make it more competitive and challenging. Probably as much as facing big game in Africa on the hunt for a fire-cooked meal. Yes, I have odd taste when it comes to food.

So far this blog is psychotic, shifting from shooting my next dinner to shooting hoops. Somehow they got entangled and related. I seem to have shifted gears as I wrote. Now I am not sure where to go with this story. How about combining my subjects again while I plan a barbecue for friends after a practice session with the net. Everyone loves a cookout, even if it is just at home. Give us a warm night and a full moon, plus a hunk of pure protein, and we are salivating in anticipation. The question is what kind of meat to choose. The butcher is kind of limited although he tells me I can order whatever I want and to give him sufficient notice. You can bet that I will take him up on this great offer. My safari days are few and far between!